What is LookUp Kaufman?

LookUp Kaufman is an independent media training program for Kaufman County residents aged 16-24. Within this program we offer students hands-on experience in news sourcing and online journalism using something we have with us at all times, our smartphones.

Our goal is to equip youth with the practical real-life skills in communications and media production.  Our training will take you from zero to completion on a short form piece of positive media, all you need to bring is a story idea and a cell-phone. We believe Kaufman County is filled with incredible stories worth sharing and heroes worth highlighting.

We want to be the place where those stories are told. But we also want to create a positive movement around the commitment to ‘look up’ from our devices and the constant barrage of negative media, to see the incredible things that make up life in this County.

IN A NUTSHELL our program consists of 4 classes; pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution.  Within each of those categories will be every core skill necessary for successful independent production. With each phase of the training is a hands on element of the shoot, taking a participant through the entire process of preparing, shooting, editing, and releasing their LookUp story.

Core skills include effectively preparing a story, booking a shoot, conducting an interview, shooting styles for social media content, editing and titling techniques, sound mixing, working in teams, public communication, speaking and appearing on camera, writing for the web, creating effective headlines, and how to publish work with CMS sites like WordPress.

We love Kaufman County. We believe that it’s a great place for families to live and grow , but we also believe it’s a place that can grow with us instead of being left behind.  So we hope you will join our mission by referring or supporting participants and stories in this project!

So what are you waiting for?

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