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This German Shepherd Mixes Work and Play at the Sheriff’s Office

This story was produced by LookUp Collaborator Wyatt LaFleur on the iPhone 6s

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be at the Kaufman County Sheriff’s office, or what it’s like to be chased by a K9 officer?  Well, by doing this project, I have had the opportunity to be in the Kaufman County Sheriff’s office.  Trust me you do not want to get chased by a K9 officer!

My experience doing this project was really interesting, there were a few scheduling problems, but once the shoot was scheduled, it was a lot of fun. Getting to see the K9 officers in action was really cool. Unlike most people that only get to see the business side of the K9 officers, I got to see both the playful and business side of the dogs.

The K9 officers’ partner is their dog.  When a pup joins the K9 officer training program, they become a K9 cadet.  Once the K9 cadet finishes training, he has become a K9 officer. So whenever you see a K9 officer or their partner in town, be sure to treat them with the same respect, because they are both K9 officers.

I loved doing this project, and it was a pleasure getting to know the K9 officers, and the Look UP Kaufman process. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself from the beginning of this project to the end.  Special thanks to Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office for allowing us to produce this video, special thanks to Poetry Community Christian School for hosting the LookUp Media Training Program, and last but not least, thanks for watching!  – Wyatt LaFleur, edited by John Robert Moore.

Please check out this video to learn more about our media and communications training program in Kaufman County.

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