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History is Alive and- Well, Undead, in Terrell!

This video was produced by Jeffrey Gator Moore on the iPhone 6s and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.  


Who are YOU going to call when you’re looking for a unique local adventure in Kaufman County?  People all over Texas (and ghost chasers from around the country) are calling Terrell Paranormal.

“Believe it or not, there’s actually a lot of paranormal activity and ghosts in Terrell,” said Dayton Gardner, a Terrell Paranormal tour guide and young expert on the ghosts of Terrell.  He and the other investigators at Terrell Paranormal have been searching for unusual activity on a variety of sophisticated equipment; and if you join them for a Ghost Walk tour of Terrell, you’ll find yourself out in the most haunted parts of Terrell looking for ectoplasmic readouts as well.

If you have looked up tourist attractions in Kaufman County or things to do in the Terrell area, you’ve probably seen the Terrell Ghost Walk as a highly recommended adventure into the mysterious and historical.  Precluding bad weather, the tour starts promptly at 8 o’clock, lasts approximately 90 minutes, and covers over a quarter of a mile of the Moore Avenue area.

Ghost stories have a legacy of campfire traditions and generational legends, but there is a forgotten perk to the good old fashioned American ghost story;  making history eerily unforgettable.  As a youngster, I might not have cared about the Civil War, but I can guarantee you the idea of haunted battlefields fired the engines of imagination and brought black and white photos a glorious new appeal.

But it’s not just young people who become enchanted by the lore of the spirits that lurk on Moore Avenue.  I think anyone would agree that hearing tales of ghosts creates a window to the past, into the world of the real people that used to occupy the streets, homes, and businesses of these early Texas towns.  Maybe you won’t see a supernatural event, but you’ll definitely see a side of Terrell you never knew existed.  We certainly did.

Terrell Paranormal and the Terrell Ghost Walk are located at 106 East Moore Avenue, Terrell, TX, 75160.

For more information on Terrell Paranormal, or to buy tickets to a Terrell Ghost Walk, please see their website,  You can also find them on Facebook.

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  • Thank you, Gator, for the awesome video plug! We have been running three years now and most every night have around 30 guests. They love to explore the haunted Brin building and there are some great stories and evidence our guests have gotten there! The web address is and click the link to the haunted headquarters to read about our experiences! Terrell is alive with wonderful spirits of the past and we are so honored to share their legacies with others!