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LookUp Kaufman County Announces Homeschool Summer Day Camp, July 21!

Written by John R. Moore

What is LookUp Kaufman County ?

We are a team of producers and content creators who want to tell the world about the hometown heroes, local leaders, and inspiring entrepreneurs that impact us daily.  At LookUp, we have combined our storytelling secrets and rapid production techniques, and brought them to a cell-phone friendly format that allows us to produce high quality media pieces with the technology we carry with us every day.

Announcing Homeschool Day!

Now for the first time, LookUp Kaufman County is having a one day bootcamp on viral media and positivity productions specifically for Homeschooling students and parents!  We will take one day to go through the basics of all four steps of our process, with a lot of hands-on training throughout the sessions.   For date, location, and pricing information, click here to see our event flyer.

Presenting the program will be veteran filmmaker, documentarian, and reality television producer-director, John Robert Moore.  John is a resident of Kaufman County known for award-winning films The Widow’s Might and Ace Wonder, and more recently his work on broadcast television projects like Chasing American Legends with Rick Green and Brad Stine.








John produced The Widow’s Might as a homeschooler at 18 years old, and won the nations largest cash prize for feature film, $101,000, in 2009.  Since then John has traveled the country producing media and teaching others how to do the same.

Our training program has been an incredible success, taking students with no prior production experience from A to Z in just four sessions, and producing a completed viral video along the way.  Take a look at these videos produced by LookUp students, shot on iPhones, in our four stage Collaborator Certification Training.  First is Jefferson Street Boxing Club, a gym with a bigger purpose.


Market Street Nest is a family owned and operated boutique.  Nest has become the heart of their downtown small business community, and a vibrant part of community life.  This video was produced by two girls with no prior production experience.



The same four classes used to produce the above videos are the four sessions at the core of our one day program for home educators.

In the program, you will be taken through story construction, production, post-production, and viral release and marketing of your content.   Upon completing the training, you can take our worksheets with you for your own use, or to complete and receive our Collaborator Certification.  Attendees of the Homeschool Day will also get a discounted price on the full length version of the program, for a more in depth and personalized version of the program.

Certification is just the beginning.

Once our students have become collaborator certified, they can participate in advanced training sessions, paid internships, or get hired on a per-story basis using the phones they already have, or more advanced tools like DSLR cameras.  The following video was produced for Veterans Day, and was shot on a Canon 7D, an 8 year old camera with a basic video mode.

At LookUp, we believe story and technique are far more important than how much your camera costs or how new it is;  great stories are told with all sorts of tools, and we will show you how to make the most of the tools you have, and connect with opportunities to use them to move your skills and career forward.


Be a hero.  Tell a hero’s story.

Maybe we have enough selfies, and it’s time to turn that camera around and capture the stories that surround us- the stories that are fading into the sands of time.  Perhaps we’re ready to use the tools we’ve been given to make a positive impact, and to start making ‘digital landmarks’ for the heroes and communities that make our lives so rich.

Most of us experience something great about our hometowns every day, but the internet has a way of promoting negative rather than positive, and overwhelming us with the evils of the world, dragging whatever gruesome or depressing thing has happened in some corner of the world, and dragging it in front of our faces.  Our brains are not very good at sorting out what is important and what is urgent, and whether or not negative is a good investment of our time.  Psychology Today reported a study showing that the headline ratio of everyday media consumers is 16 negative headlines for every 1 positive headline.  16 to 1!

We want to correct that ratio.  We want to remind people that heroes get their due, and you don’t have to be offensive, distasteful, or criminal to be in the headlines.  We want to remind people that the sky isn’t falling, and that for every piece of bad news a thousand miles away, there are a dozen positive stories next door.

Date, time, location

LookUp Homeschool Summer Day Camp
will be held on Friday, July 21, 2017
@ the Holiday Inn and Suites
300 Tanger Drive, Terrell, Texas.

Ages 15 and up are welcome.
Start time is 10 AM, and ends at 5 PM with a number of ‘working breaks’ in between.
Lunch orders will be taken on location.

Attendance is $50 per student, and $25 for every additional attendee per family.
Attendees of homeschool day will also be entitled to a $100 discount on our full length collaborator certification training.

For additional questions or information related to our July 21st home educators day, contact:
Garrett Havens,
Director of Community Outreach

You can also reach us by phone, at 469-340-0924.


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