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Why Are People From Europe Coming to This Ranch in Scurry Texas?


Angie Gaines is a wife, mother, and Dallas business woman whose love for horses began as a small child. Through volunteering at Equest Therapeutic Riding Center in Wylie, Texas, Angie rediscovered her passion and with the support of her family, stepped away from her business career to pursue breeding horses for therapeutic riding programs.

Here in our very own Kaufman, Texas, Angie and her husband Hank bought 40 acres, and opened Golden Curls Ranch. Golden Curls was named for the American Curly Mustang, a rare hypoallergenic breed. Thanks to Angie, people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to have that special connection with a horse are able to find it here. In addition to horses, Golden Curls Ranch is also home to Boer Goats, Irish Dexter Cattle, and Llamas.

Angie is constantly finding new ways to contribute to her community and the riding community abroad.  Her latest project is called ‘My Equine Partner’, a program focused on therapeutic riding for a healthy psychology.  From Angie, “MEP is a program designed to give young people in Kaufman County an opportunity to become partners with a safe, gentle horse. The goal is to help young people who are going through mental hardships including; Bullying, Bereavement, Divorce, Medical and other concerns feel the unconditional love through partnering with an animal who lives in the moment. Hands on activities include riding, grooming, leading and simple moments of quietness can be the healing tread. My Equine Partner would like to share the healing through horses with Kaufman County’s youth so that they have a healthy mind for tomorrow.”

If you’re near Scurry or are looking to meet these special animals in person, OR if you would like to assist in the My Equine Partner program, you should make the opportunity to visit Golden Curls Ranch.  You can find out more at their Facebook page, where you can contact Angie directly.

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